[ September 10, 2021 ]

Zuri – Discover Dogs – meet the hero dogs behind the campaign

Dog’s name: Zuri

Dog’s age: 2

Dog’s breed: Samoyed

From: Holmfirth, West Yorkshire 

Dog’s favourite toy: Honking duck

Dog’s favourite treat: Chocolate, cheese and fish


Do you participate in any canine activities, or have you come to Discover Dogs or Crufts before?

Zuri really enjoys hoopers, agility, dog parkour and obedience. She also does canicross but with less enthusiasm. 


Would you say your dog helped you through lockdown? How? 

Zuri is a very sociable dog and loves saying hello to all dogs and people so during lockdown taking her for a walk encouraged us to talk to people, making new friends which helped us all through the trials of the pandemic. Zuri has lots of local dog friends, who can often be seen waiting at our garden gate to see if she’s coming out to play. 

Zuri is very family orientated and provides support for everyone. Her human dad was diagnosed with a heart condition during lockdown and Zuri has been helping him providing cuddles and kisses as well as being gentle and well behaved on walks allowing him to walk her as part of his recovery.