[ November 8, 2021 ]

Q&A with Chris – Medical Detection Dogs

Name/Company – Chris from Medical Detection Dogs

What’s your role at Medical Detection Dogs?
I’m the Puppy Supply and Training Manager at Medical Detection Dogs. I’m responsible for selecting our four-legged team and supporting their training journey to become medical alert assistance dogs or bio detection dogs.

What will you be doing at Discover Dogs?
We’ll be introducing some of our puppies, showing how our medical alert assistance dogs give clients a five minute warning when their medical condition is about to cause a medical emergency, setting up a COVID phase 2 demonstration and chatting to one of our clients.

How did you become involved with Medical Detection Dogs?
I tried to get as much experience with dogs and was keen on understanding how they think, learn and use their olfactory system. I then gained as much practical experience as possible, which gave me a good base level in dog training,  allowing me to work for Medical Detection Dogs.

What are you most looking forward to at Discover Dogs? 
An opportunity to showcase our fantastic dogs to a large audience and to watch their reaction. I never tire of seeing how amazed people are when they realise the power of a dog’s nose.

What advice would you offer to someone keen on training medical detection dogs?
Gain as much practical experience as possible and never think you know everything about dog training. If you’re not successful in getting a job straight away, then turn the feedback from that interview into a positive pointer and develop any areas of weakness.


Attached is a picture of Chris will Maple with Willo, our flat-coated retriever