[ September 10, 2021 ]

Evie – Discover Dogs – meet the hero dogs behind the campaign

Dog’s name: Evie

Dog’s age: 3

Dog’s breed: Cocker Spaniel

From: Northampton

Dog’s favourite toy: Tennis ball

Dog’s favourite treat: Salmon bites

Dog’s unusual habit: She will find every single piece of kibble if we scatter a handful around! She loves to work – in any situation.

Do you participate in any canine activities, or have you come to Discover Dogs or Crufts before?

We go to Discover Dogs together every year, along with my other Cocker Spaniel Anna, and meet lots of potential owners to chat about the breed. We also participate in breed shows at all levels, with some success, and we’re excited to be attending Crufts 2022. Evie also does agility and she excels at it, she’s so fast. Taking on agility was definitely a bit of a learning curve for us both, you have to teach and work hard too! It’s quite unusual that Evie is a show dog and an agility dog – but she’s so intelligent she does just adapt.

Would you say your dog helped you through lockdown? How? 

My dogs crucially helped me to maintain my fitness (and spirits!) during lockdown. Even though you couldn’t meet people to exercise, we were still exercising together and that benefited both of us. Evie really kept my spirits up too when we couldn’t see others and the pandemic was having a huge impact on life.

Do you think dogs have been a lifeline for lots of owners during the pandemic? Why? 

If you’ve got a dog, it’s a reason to get up in the morning. Their companionship is like no other; dogs are always are there for you, at every moment of the day. I’m a groomer and clients regularly tell me how their dogs have been their lifeline – pandemic or not.