[ September 10, 2021 ]

Cyrus – Discover Dogs – meet the hero dogs behind the campaign

Dog’s name: Cyrus

Dog’s age: 7

Dog’s breed: Afghan Hound

From: Reading

Dog’s favourite toy: Anything! At the moment a wind up cat toy 

Dog’s favourite treat: Liver or a peanut butter biscuit


Do you participate in any canine activities, or have you come to Discover Dogs or Crufts before?

We go to Discover Dogs every year, on the Afghan Hound booth to tell people all about the breed. We also compete at dog shows with Cyrus and his sisters. 


Would you say your dog helped you through lockdown? How? 

Our dogs kept us going through the pandemic – without them we just wouldn’t have gone out at all. Although we couldn’t meet people during lockdown, we could get out for them, but it also helped us through.