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Labrador retriever

Loyal Companion and part of the family!

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds in the world and have many talents! One of their most important talents is their caring and gentle nature, and their adoration for children, which has turned them into a great family dog, who lives to serve his loved ones and his home.

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One of the best all-round dogs in the world…

Not only are Labradors devoted and loving pets, but they are also used for retrieving game, as assistance dogs, therapy dogs, search dogs and ‘sniffer’ dogs for drug and arms detections. The athletic build of a Labrador, along with his strong nose and bravery and confidence, make him the perfect dog for any job!

Greedy guts…

The Labrador does have a serious love of food and certainly won’t be fussy about what you put in front of him! Nor will he know when he is full. Labradors do have a tendency to forage for food, especially human food, and will become obese if overfed. Which leads on nicely to…

Space and Exercise!

Labradors were bred to do physical jobs that use up lots of energy, both physical and mental! Therefore, it is very important when getting a Labrador that you have space and time. They need more than two hours of exercise a day and plenty of mental stimulation to avoid a bored, naughty and sometimes even a destructive dog!