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Dalmatians at Eukanuba Discover Dogs

Full of beans

Dalmatians are active, agile, strong and muscular dogs that enjoy plenty of exercise and are more suited to country life than urban environments. The Dalmatian certainly has a sporty side, so if you are a keen runner looking for a canine pal to spend some quality time with, the Dalmatian could be the right breed for you. They can run long distances at a good speed!

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A Dalmatian with no spots?

Dalmatians are born without spots and are pure white which make it tricky to tell whether they are going to have black or liver-coloured spots when they grow up. When these spots do come, they can be found all over the Dalmatian, even in their mouths! Your Dalmatian’s coat is completely unique as no two Dalmatians share the same number and pattern of spots!

Firehouse dog

One nickname of the Dalmatian is 'Firehouse Dog', picked up from the past when they used to run ahead of the horse-drawn fire engines of London, clearing the way and keeping the horses calm.

Smart but stubborn

Dalmatians are clever dogs that need plenty of training as puppies. If they are not trained properly, it can lead to a smart but stubborn dog that could cause some trouble. Keeping them exercised and busy will help avoid these cheeky habits!

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