Prepare for your visit

step 3Now that you have signed up, we have emailed you our buying a dog checklist for you to take to the breeder.

Do ensure you know what health screening tests (if any) are recommended for your breed.

Do make sure you have done your homework and be prepared for a breeder to not choose you if they feel that you are not right for their puppy.

Do listen to the breeders' advice; if they say that they feel the breed that you have chosen may not be right for you then you should seriously consider taking their advice. Breed clubs are good place to get information, even non recognised breeds may have clubs which you should be able to find using Google.

Do print off the checklist below, so you are fully equipped and cover everything off when you visit the breeder.

Buying a Dog Checklist


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Thank you for taking the time to read our steps, now you are prepared to meet the breeder. 

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