Manuals and forms

Trade manuals and forms for Eukanuba Discover Dogs 2017.


Trade Stand Holders' Manual 2017

ExCeL Emergency Procedures - Appendix A

Advertising Rates - Appendix B

Traffic Marshalling Info Guide - Appendix C

Sample Risk Assessment - Appendix D

ExCeL - The big picture map

Shell scheme design and structure information

ExCeL London - Venue rules and regulations

ExCeL London Travel information guide

Show Guide - Free A-Z listing


Application for Premium Listing

Space only stands - Plan Inspection Form

Health and Safety Information - Must be completed by all stand holders

Wristband and pass orders - Must be completed by all stand holders

Stand extras - flooring & furniture

Electrical orders

Storage, freight and lifting orders

Stand Catering

IT and Telephone Order Form

Piped Services (Water, compressed air and gas) Order Form

Wireless Order Form