Doxie love

Dachshunds have become popular in both urban and country areas as lovable, faithful and clever dogs. They are active once fully mature and will take as much exercise as you are willing to give them - surprisingly you are likely to want to go home before they do! They are, however, more than happy to curl up on your lap and have a cuddle and a snooze! Although they do make a great family pet, they are not all that obedient and being hounds, they can ‘go deaf’ when they catch onto a scrumptious scent. But with patience and persistence you can get all you want from these adorable short-legged dogs.

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All sorts and sizes

You can get Dachshunds, or doxies as they are often called, in different sizes and with three different coats! Standard doxies weigh up to 12kg and miniatures ideally weighing 4.5kg. You can get smooth-haired, long-haired and wire-haired and on top of all of this you can get them in loads of different colour combinations!

Dachshund history

Did you know that dachshund means 'Badger Dog', pointing to their history of hunting badgers! In fact, the dachshunds have lots of cool historical happenings. Queen Victoria was a big fan of the breed and is credited for the doxie popularity in Britain. A Dachshund called Waldie was the very first mascot of the Olympic Games, first appearing in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games!

Despite becoming very unpopular because of their German heritage during WWII, the Dachshund has rebounded and you see them all over the place today!

Slippery sausage

WARNING: When holding a Dachshund, make sure you have a safe and firm grip. For some reason these silly sausages have a tendency to jump from your arms, often hurting their backs!