All Hail the Greyhound

Sleek and elegant

With long legs and well-mannered, the greyhound has everything we could dream of!

Amongst the 200 breeds waiting for you at Eukanuba Discover Dogs event this October, we will be showcasing this super speedy and graceful canine creature, one of the man’s best and fastest friends.

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About the Greyhound

To keep you waiting until the London’s biggest dog event, meet Dolly, a retired greyhound in our video and test your knowledge with our Q&A below about one of the most royal revered pet in history.

Where is he from? The Middle East. Greyhounds have been men’s companion for such a long period of time; they are even mentioned in the bible! Drawings of Greyhound-type dogs have been found on walls in Ancient Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 4000 BC. Though dogs of the type spread through Europe over the years, it was in Britain that they were developed to a standard.

What’s his personality like? Beneath this sleek and elegant silhouette lies a sweet and mild nature. Even if he has kept his insatiable instinct of chasing and can be aloof, he will surprise you with a super temperament. All greyhounds make lovely pets, they are gentle, affectionate and faithful, in overall very suitable for families.

What was he bred for? As a sight hound, he was originally bred as a hunting dog to chase small games such as rabbits. The actual greyhound race wasn’t introduced until the early part of ‘20s century so it’s actually a much more of a modern than an ancient dog.

Did you know it was well loved by royalty throughout history? From Cleopatra to King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and Prince Albert, it’s for their rare abilities that greyhounds have been the most prestigious dog and royal devoted companions. An old welsh proverb says: “You may know a man by his horse, his hawk and his greyhound”.

As a racing dog, how much exercise does he need per day? Only the cheetah tops the greyhound for speed! But despite his reputation for high energy level, he is a king at sleeping. Designed as sprinters not distance runners, twice twenty minutes walks a day is enough to keep him healthy and happy. Although active people find greyhounds make good joggers and running partners, as indeed they do need adequate exercise.

How much grooming does he need? He is easy to keep clean and shining. A weekly polish with a hound glove will do the job.

Does the greyhound always come in grey? Greyhounds come in virtually every colour! From blue brindle to red fawn, with or without white, swoon over their infinite shiny shades.

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