Meet the Pedigree Dog Breeds at the Show

Do you know your hounds from your gundogs? Your St Bernards from your Bullmastiffs? Whether you're looking for the perfect small, medium or large family dog breed, we’ve got them all at the show and dozens of pedigree breed experts are there to help you find the dog that best fits your lifestyle.

Over 200 different breeds will be at Discover Dogs, the breeds introduced in the articles and videos below will not necessarily be present at this year's event. To make sure the breed you want to meet will be there please consult the full list here.

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Hungry for more? Find out more about what to ask the breeder and interesting facts about pedigree dogs in the links below!

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Full list of breeds at Discover Dogs

The representatives, with dogs, of the above breeds are all volunteers from breed clubs. It may be possible, that due to unforeseen circumstances, all breeds may not be present on one or both days.